About exclusive features & benefits

Hi all,

I'd like to give you more details about some of the benefits you'll get when becoming a DWSIM Supporter/Patron:

  • Direct e-mail support

Supporters can get direct support through email, 24/7.

  • Early Access to Updates

Updated DWSIM versions are released a few days earlier for supporters. 

  • Remote Desktop support sessions

This will grant you the right of having one remote support session per month. I'll help you with regards to DWSIM installation, usage and troubleshooting in general.

  • Development Polls

You will be able to participate on exclusive development polls, where you can choose which features should be developed, and where the development efforts should be focused on.

Exclusive Features for Awesome Supporters

Exclusive Features include the ability to download full versions of currently released Plug-Ins (i.e. Capital Cost Estimator) as well as exclusive features which are not open-source and will not be available to the general public (i.e. a Professional Report Generator in the form of a Plug-In).

You'll have access to a plug-in which will give you live support through a chatting system with me (Daniel) on the other side.

Awesome Supporters can also get a full version lifetime unlock key for DWSIM on Android and iOS, if they don't have one yet.

Important: for Awesome Supporters, the exclusive plug-ins and add-ins will work as long as their associated subscriptions remain active. As soon as you cancel your subscription, they will stop working. This includes any custom/tailored add-in you might have access to.

Click on this link to view a list of all available benefits for Awesome Supporters: http://dwsim.inforside.com.br/wiki/index.php?title=Downloads#Awesome_Supporter_Exclusive_Plugins.2FAdd-ins

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