About the Full size/definition renders and delivering and rules of the CYOA stories
Since the start of this Patreon campaing; I´ll be limiting the size of the renders I post around the internet; What this means? it means every renders I post outside here will have its size limited at 1280 pixels height, this will be the "regular" size render from now on.

What will be a full size/definition render? Finished works bigger in size than 1280 pixels in the smaller side, usually height.

 I usually work with a minimun size of 1800/1980/ 2600 pixels on the smaller side of  a render, it depends on the picture and the render times, These will be the full size/definition renders I'll be delivering to patrons with the 5$ or more level of support.

How they will be delivered? by mail. I'll be sending a .rar archive on the beginning of each month  once pledges have been properly processed, with all the full size renders of the previous month.

This mean that around days 2 or 3 of each month you'll be reciving an email with all the renders of the previous month

CYOA Stories voting system:

For this, I'll explain in each voting the rules again, but here will be a copy for anyone to read:


- I will only count for voting, people that pledged the previous month, and had the current month processed properly, this is to avoid people to  just join, vote and leave.  

 - Every patron will be able to vote, but the vote value will be acord to you level of   suport,  1 vote for each $ you pledged. 

  - If all votes are cast before  the last day or it is mathematically impossible to defeat an option I will start working on the renders sooner.

 - If no one votes, I'll choose the option.

- If there is a tie I'll decide between the options.

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