About the "Game Developer" tier
We have been getting a bunch of emails asking about the "Game Developer" tier, so we want to elaborate a bit on what we have in mind.

The idea behind that tier is that we'll work on a game or demo of your choice for a certain amount of time per week. The height of your pledge defines the amount of time we'll be able to spend on your project besides our main projects. $125 is the minimum, which equals half a day per week. For $250, we can put a whole day per week into developing your game, two days per week for $500, etc. 

Supply us with as much information as possible about the game you want us to make, and we'll do our best to give a rough estimation of the total development costs/time needed. 

You'll get full access to the sources as well as regular ROM images that can be played on an emulator in 2D or 3D with anaglyph glasses, or on a real VB if you have a flash cartridge like the FlashBoy Plus. There are even working emulators to play VB ROMs on VR headsets. We have tried VBJin-OVR on an Oculus Rift and it worked pretty well!

We can also do physical cartridges with boxes and manuals, in case you're interested in a CIB copy for yourself or selling copies of your game to recoup your development costs.

Interested? Get in touch on Discord or via Email (vuengine[at]planetvb[dot]com), we're looking forward to hearing your plans!