About Into Shadow: An Exploration of Personal Fears

Hello! Into Shadow: An Exploration of Personal Fears is a poetry challenge I've created for myself to take in February as part of my pledge to take 12 month-long challenges in 2021. Each day, I'm writing a minimum of one poem for a total of #28DaysofPoetry. The theme is: my Shadow self or the darkness within me.

I've done some preliminary work picking topics and forms of poetry to explore. In doing so, I recognize that these poems and their subjects may be hard for you to read. 

Here's how I plan to share my poetry during this challenge.

  • Patreon subscription - I'll be sharing the poems through Patreon during the event and not on my website, Substack, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. This way, I can ensure that I am concentrating my efforts on delivering poetry for my Patrons as promised.
  • Clear post titles -  I'm going to post daily poetry with a clear title using Day [X]: [Topic]. An example of a topic I'm exploring is death of childhood friends. So, in this instance the title would simply be: Day 1: Death of Childhood Friends. By doing this, if you don't want to read that day's poetry you can skip that post entirely.

My philosophy about exploring darkness is that I firmly believe there's a tiny pinprick of light even in the most opaque shadow. I don't believe in fatalism. I hope--after you reading this very personal exploration--some of that light will resonate with you, too.



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