About Me
Hey everyone! Well everyone who is reading this, which is probably just a handful of people at this point. You may know me from my YouTube or DeviantArt, but just in case you don't I think I'm at liberty to express to you a little about who I am.

I'm an artist, not a beginner but has a long way to go before I can be called an expert, I'm very passionate about are especially the emotional affect it can have on people. For a long time my art has mainly been fanart, but I'm starting to branch out into original content.

I'm a voice actor, most notably for the series NewTale, an animated series based on the populer inde title UnderTale. I voice Frisk, a child that found herself in the underground and through her optimism and relentless determination, freed the monsters from the underground. (Basically a child paragon +200 points if you know what a paragon is)

I am a potato princess and waiting for a Disney movie to come out about me. I mean come on Disney! I wear dresses some times, sing and dance in all areas regardless if it public, and talk about talk about making your dreams come true! All I need is an animal side kick to talk to and make the random passerby think I'm nuts. Which I'm working on! If only these squirrels will stop running away from me... Darn it come back and love me! 

Being a Disney Princess is harder then it looks.

Im involved in a lot of fandoms, NewTale (obviously) for one, Undertale, Steven Universe (though I try to avoid the more... crazy? part of that fandom geez), Star vs the Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls, Bronies, Furries, TOME (look it up its real good!), Many small webcomics that is, to this day are taking forever get out, and a year has gone by, and your wondering if the person died, which just makes you depressed.. LOOKING AT YOU HELVETICA! And way more, like seriously way to many, like I'm going insane with all the ship wars and long hiatuses (Send help!) 

...and I'm going to end that there because I could write a book about my many personality quirks. And this About Me is already too long. +59 points if got to the end of this!