About me!
Hello! My name is Sami and I am a college student majoring in Psychology and Pre-Medicine. I've enjoyed art my entire life and have even placed in some local competitions throughout primary and secondary school. I would like to add an Art minor, but I don't think it is quite feasible with my current workload. I will still keep it up as a hobby, however! I like to paint and draw and I mostly work with watercolors and acrylics. I recently got into doll repainting after watching a few videos by Dollightful and Hextian on YouTube. I've always had a love for Monster High and when I discovered I could customize them, I wanted to start immediately! Unfortunately, I couldn't because I didn't have all of the supplies I needed. Fortunately, my mom pulled through and got me the remainder of the basic tools and materials I needed to finally start doing repaints for Christmas this past holiday. I've started a couple of face repaints and have plans for a Valentine's Day doll in the works. My profile picture is of my current progress of this concept on a Clawdeen Wolf doll! One downside to my projects is that I can't afford many dolls to work on. I also can't work on them every day as I spend a lot of my time on my schoolwork. My workload this semester is quite a lot and it's only going to get busier each semester! I hope creating this page will help me fund my projects or at least get my art out into the world! Thank you for making it this far into my ramblings!