About me.
Hi there.
I've been playing guitar for a very-long time. But only 8 months ago, I began writing music.
It began with a friend's song. Michael Valentine gave me a CD with one of his songs on it and said, "Here, this is for you". I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, so i took some liberties.
His song (Cinderella) was quite nice-- soulful, a bit sad, and melodic. I thought about how i would play it-- rhythm, mood, etc. After coming up with a rhythm, i wrote an intro for it. Then that became a middle-8 and an ending.
Ok, so I had a structure, but what about his song?!
There was one part that was my favorite part, but he only did it once. I wanted it to be the main theme, but the song wasn't that way. So I rearranged it. I shuffled this here, and that there, cut & chopped.
So I had a version of his song that was vastly different from the original; same chords/melodies/story, but a different mood, with some things added and omitted.
Working with Michael's song opened up the door of musical creativity for me; I didn't know I was able to do that. And Michael has been extremely gracious about the changes I made to his art.

Since then I've written 7 of my own songs, and I'm just about to finish recording them.