I'm changing up my goals once more to reflect what I'm hoping to accomplish with the monetary support my patrons provide. Prior to this I was using the funds to help cover basic living expenses. Now I'm putting the patrons funds toward something specific: funding research trips.

The novel I'm currently writing is alt-history set in Ancient Egypt. And though it's fantasy, I'm committed to doing research that will allow me to blend real history—what's known of it, at least—with aspects I invent. Plus, I want the steampunk machines and gadgets I develop for this and subsequent books to be based on actual engineering concepts from ancient times.  

My first goal is to get enough money to spend a month in San Jose, CA, to do deep research at the library located at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. I'm aiming to do this in October. If I reach my first goal of $700 a month in patron support by July 2017, I'll have enough to sublet a space for a month and to support myself otherwise.

If I reach this first goal, then all the patrons paying up to $5 per month will get the perks of the Sneak A Peek level, including monthly excerpts from the Steampunk Egypt novel. Plus, I'll post weekly summaries of my coolest research finds.

My second goal is $1,000 per month, and if I can reach that by November 2017 then I can save up enough money to go on a research trip to Egypt. My current tentative plan is to sign up for a guided tour through a group of folks I know that will hit all the places in Egypt of particular interest to me and aren't often covered by typical tours (such as El-Amarna). The next tour by this group happens in March 2018. If I can't make this one, they usually have another in the fall/winter. They haven't published all the details of the March tour yet, but it's likely to cost $4,700 just like their other Egypt tours. Plus, I need to get there, so I'll need airfare.

If I reach this goal, then all my patrons paying up to $10 per month will get the perks of the Read Along level, which means one chapter of the current draft every week. And, of course, pictures from the trip.

If patronage remains at the $1,000 level or goes beyond, I'll continue to use the funds for research trips. If I have the money, I'd like to extend my time in Egypt to explore the museum in Cairo for longer. And there are a few museums here in the US and in Europe with extensive artifact collections that I'd like to visit and study. The New York Public Library has some book material they don't let out of the building that I'd love to have the time to study, so a month-long NYC research trip would be beneficial as well.

While working to attain these goals, I'll keep all my patrons updated on the status of various trips so you'll know exactly how I'm using the money you've given to support me.  

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