About myself

I'm an old gamer child I grow up with Videogames since 1996. I remember my first games was this was FireFight on PC from Epic megagames and SimCity 2000. This was an every exciting and awesome time in my life to have an Home PC with Windows 95 and a 56k Modem to play Diablo 2… how majestic was the sound of starting an old PC. Today I’m a student in Germany and Videogames still a big part of my life over all this years. I love collecting Games from the past and also big boxes I have only a few but it means jewels to me. I’m here on Twitch for you to find like-minded people kindred spirits like the YouTuber LGR I love his Channel you have to watch him and brutalmoose too. This guy’s inspire me to open up my own channel and Twitch to share my passion with you.

LGR: https://www.youtube.com/user/phreakindee Brutalmoose: https://www.youtube.com/user/brutalmoose