About One Page Dungeon Generator

A week ago I have published the first version of One Page Dungeon Generator (1PDG). The feedback was overwhelming... and totally unexpected. Initially my plan was to tell in this post what I had wanted to achieve and why I was dissatisfied with the result and to analyze how it correlated with all the nice things people say about the generator. This was too much text:) Instead here are more practical comments in the form of a bullet-point list:

  • Apparently the most impressive feature of the generator is "Dyson hatching". My implementation is very imperfect really, it's rather a rough approximation of that hatching. I can do it better, but I'm not going to spend time on it right now, this wasn't the point of the generator anyway.
  • There will be a post here about how the hatching is drawn - without code, but with images. It is very easy, no secret algorithms are involved.
  • One of the most frequently asked questions is whether I am going to open the source code of the generator. My answer was "yes, when I'm done with it". Right now it looks like I'm going to keep improving it for some time, so I'll open the source later.
  • I have yet to understand how people use/would like to use the generator and what improvements are needed. I am personally most interested in textual part. Making it more coherent, diverse and just more interesting will probably be my task for PROCJAM (unless I get struck with a fancier idea:)).
  • There were many requests for customization features such as size or theme selection. Some customization will be added, but not too much - I like the concept of one-button generators (as if it's not obvious:)). This definitely won't be turned into an editor.
  • In case you missed it: secret rooms!

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