About Patreon Fee Changes
As I'm sure a lot of you have heard, Patreon is planning on moving the transaction fee to be on the patron's end instead of on our end. We think this is a horrible idea- our patrons who are already generously donating money to us shouldn't have to pay additionally to cover stuff like that. It just seems right to us that it would come out of our end. In addition, this will be particularly problematic for our $1 patrons as they would be charged $1.38 per video instead of just $1. In a month where we upload 3 videos, this could amount to an extra $1.14.

We could solve this by switching to a system where you pledge a set amount per month, but we never liked this idea because we want to be paid for our actual work. We don't want our patrons to be charged in a month where we don't even upload anything.

Now Patreon hasn't actually implemented the fee changes yet, and they are receiving significant backlash from the community, so it is possible that they will reverse their plans. If they do continue on with the new fee system however, we understand if some of you want to adjust or remove your pledge. If you want more information about the whole thing here is a good video explaining the proposed changes and matches our thoughts about why they are bad: https://youtu.be/ou6ZbLxsSVI

If the fee changes go into effect, we'll make another announcement letting everyone know, just in case Patreon doesn't have their own way of notifying patrons.

Thanks for all of your support,

-Michael and Bryan