About Livestreams/Posting Schedule
Hey there everybody! As you may have noticed, the past couple months I’ve failed to keep up to the posting and streaming schedules I’ve outlined on my page. I wanted to talk a little bit about that, as you all deserve to understand what’s going on. I will explain my plans from here on out first, and the explanation for why things haven’t been working out will follow--in case you are interested in what’s been going on with me. FROM HERE ON OUT: At very least by the beginning of the next year, I want to start posting daily and hosting the three monthly streams for Patrons EVERY MONTH again. Because of my recovery period and the very busy holidays coming up (which are going to involve a lot of travel), I’m not sure I can promise streams every month, but by January, I should be back on track. I want to host at LEAST one stream this week, preferably two. I will make a separate post about when I want to schedule those! Because I am traveling at the end of the month, this is the only week I will be able to host those streams. In December, I want to aim for three streams within the first three weeks of the month. If I can’t fit those in, I will at least open a sketch request thread for $5+ Patrons that I will finish when I can. Thank you all so much for your continued support! Here’s WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON for the past few months: I’ve mentioned it briefly in the past, but this year I was very sick for many months. Starting in June, I believe, I started suffering from extreme fatigue and depression. I’ve had clinical depression since I was quite young, so I figured it was just a bout of that, and tried treating it as such for a while. As it turns out, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an auto-immune disease that attacks the thyroid. I was being treated incorrectly for this for about a month before I got on board with a different doctor, and I’ve been on the typical treatment for it for about three weeks now, and I’m just barely starting to feel like an Actual Alive Human again. I completely dropped the ball on keeping my Patreon updated as a direct result of this; most days I was too fatigued to even get out of bed. I completely understand if any of you have been disappointed by my failure to keep up “my end of the deal” with this website, but hopefully this explanation at least justifies a bit of it. Thank you again for all of your support; Patreon has been one of the very few ways I’ve been able to keep up independent income during my time of illness and I am so, so grateful to each and every one of you. Thanks again! Stream schedules for this week should follow as soon as I figure them out. :)