About Silveria Effect: Character History Part 1
Here lies some character history not yet explained in the Story. Some of this information was unnecessary to the story and thus cut out. There may be some spoilers for anyone Pre-Chapter 3.


For those who wish to know a little about the story, it is about a main character who suffers from bullying initially. The first chapter revolves around the bullying and how the main character tries to cope. The second chapter is where thigs begin to change. The third chapter, the bullying becomes survivor's guilt and the story changes in that it now revolves around the main character trying to resolve their own feelings and trying to fix the problem which they caused, whether intentionally or unintentionally.


Protagonist/ilydia (Unknown initial gender, Female after Chapter 2)


When the protagonist was younger, they happened to hear a tale about an elf named "ilydia" read as il dia or "The Day". Anyone who has read or played the entirety of ilydia's Story would know that at the end of ilydia's Story, a mysterious storyteller whose features are unseen is the one telling the story to a group of listeners. 

It is hinted that the storyteller saw the experiences firsthand, but it is never clarified that the world of the tale is the same as the world they are now in. It should also be noted that ilydia and one of her companions gained the power to travel between worlds, but due to her heritage, ilydia is cursed to always experience the same series of fates whether completely or in part. The key to her curse is her name, which at one point becomes ilynox or "The Night".

The protagonist mostly forgot about the story until later, where they remembered the strength of ilydia when they were deciding on a character to make for a game. The protagonist does not know about the curse and only remembers the positive aspects of the story, idealizing ilydia.


Sasha/Rook (Male)


Similar to Grwyn of ilydia's Story, Sasha/Rook acts as ilydia's protector. The tank of the party and ilydia's loved. Having been an early childhood friend of ilydia, Sasha was the closest to ilydia and they eventually developed a close bond.

His name comes from the rook of the chess game as he saw the rook as a wall and fortification. With that in mind, he adopted the name in order to represent his dedication to protecting ilydia, both physically and mentally.

Due to this same dedication, he avoids being directly involved in the bullying in order to prevent ilydia from suffering additional mental trauma in addition to the mostly physical bullying, but this also led him to look for ways to stop it.

Eventually, upon realizing Ivan's wealth, he began to hate himself more for wanting to take advantage of the wealth. Due to this and knowing ilydia's personality, he struggles with himself between not wanting to take advantage of Ivan and wanting to protect ilydia, the later eventually winning out when he finds out that Ivan has been secretly providing for ilydia.


Lily/Lilith (Female) and Sweet Pea/Sweety Pie (Guide Dog initially, Giant Spider after Chapter 2)


Lily was blind as long as she can remember. However, an abnormality in her led her to have hypersensitive hearing to the point that she can detect where things are by sound. While she doesn't actually "see" what she hears, she can tell the general shape and the distance using echoes and innate noises. She has a harder time detecting soft objects from echoes such as animals.  She can detect them if they make noise, however. Unfortunately, she also has difficulty detecting small critters such as ants and frequently steps on them without realizing.

Having met with Sarah as a child, the two became close friends. Later, when they began to play games, Sarah was worried that Lily would be left out, but Lily assured Sarah that she could make up for her vision with her hearing as long as someone helped her set up the character.

Later, Ivan got involved, funding the building of a personalized computer system that would take 3D game information and create accurate sounds based on that information, even correcting any mistakes of sounds already in the game. This allowed Lily to accurately see how her character would look and play with even more accuracy, though she still needed help with choosing colors for her character.

Sadly, the same abnormality that caused her blindness and hypersensitivity also stunted her growth, making her appear rather childlike and acting more like a child than the others. While it wasn't noticeable early on, it became more apparently later. It should be noted that Lily has rather light color hair to the point of almost being blonde.

She took the name Lilith as a representation of it always being night for her, taking only part of the Lilith name meaning. In addition, Lilith is similar to her name, which was originally intended to be Lili. She chose a spider as her  companion due to several factors, including the idea of spiders being similar to her due to how they can feel the vibrations of their webs to tell when something is there.

Sweet Pea, Lily's guide dog, was actually originally a wild puppy. One day, it entered Lily's residence and attacked her, biting her. However, Lily stayed calm despite that and eventually soothed the puppy. Later, the dog was trained as a guide dog and has stayed with Lily since.


Myra/Shadow (Female initially, Male after Chapter 2)


A specialist in her own form of martial arts, Myra quickly picked up different techniques of various arts. She enjoys sleight of hand, often doing tricks to entertain children. She takes advantage of her knowledge in various arts and sleight of hand to develop her own style, which she uses in the games she plays.

Due to her style being focused on stealth, disappearing from plain sight, moving to flank her opponents, and disarming the opponent without them realizing, she tends to be rather quiet and unnoticeable when she doesn't make an effort to be noticed as her style has already become second nature to her.

Reasonably friendly with Ivan, she is often pestered to teach him a few tricks. And while initially she taught Ivan a few moves, after finding out that Ivan would practice those moves later on his staff, she stopped teaching him moves that could inflict damage, instead only teaching him moves designed to restrain the opponent.

Also friendly with Lily, the two share a bond of similarity in their playstyles in that both focus on not being targetted. That said, she has shared some tricks with Lily, though Lily is relatively unable to make use of those tricks.

She chose Shadow as a name due to her style making her like a shadow. It invokes her aspect of being there, but mostly unnoticed.


Sarah/Alisa (Female)


Sarah was always a kind person and dreamed of being a nurse when she grew up. Her clothes tend to represent her desires and she quickly became friends with Lily, who she wished to cure of blindness.

Having become close friends with Ivan, the two often talked and became very close friends to the point that Ivan was always around her, to the point that Ivan was willing to commute to her school despite it being further away.

During an event in Silveria, she made a weapon called "8 Celestial Planets" which represented both the 8 phases of the moon and 8 planets of within her solar system. This weapon slowly cycles between phases of the moon in order to activate various effects depending on the phase shown.

Her name Alisa is actually based on a story that was a variant of Alice in Wonderland. The Alisa in the story was friendly, helpful, and playful and she found familiarity with the character.


Ivan Wissenschatz/Lucifer (Male)


A rather wealthy kid who enjoys fooling around and angering others. He became friends with the others a little later than the rest as he was not originally someone who would play in the same place. However, during a trip, he noticed a group of children playing around and became curious. Later, after observing them, he decided to join them and was quickly accepted into the group.

He became very close friends with Sarah, often bringing her gifts and helping any of her friends who were generally also his own. While he prioritizes Sarah, he will not think twice about helping those in need as he has a strong sense of noblesse obligue despite his playful nature.

He often funds things he feels are necessary for the development of society or for his friends' enjoyment. He funded a large technological development to help blind players enjoy games, with the prototype given to a friend of his "for testing". The same technology being used to enhance full dive type Virtual Reality, though it was never fully finished, stopping at full immersion due to an issue with full dive - the detachment from the body made it necessary to customize the machine per user. The full immersion technology was slated to be made public within a few months after researching ways to make it affordable.

He also funded ilydia's school fees in secret using his own private allowance. While not a major issue for him, it was noticed by ilydia despite his using an amazingly discreet pseudonym of  “The Great Mysterious Benefactor of Awesome”. He has yet to realize that ilydia noticed rather early on and Sasha noticed a while later.

During a weapon creation event in Silveria, he submitted a design along with a note and a "gift" from his personal account. Shortly after, Sarah's design was approved and he happened to find a pair of oddly rare guns - so rare nobody had ever heard of them before and nobody knew what they dropped from.

Shortly after the event, he was secretly approached by Sasha, who explained what was happening. Concerned, he began investigations and seeing the findings, made a secret meeting for the group, excluding the victim. There, they discussed what they would do to resolve the issue, finally deciding on a plan and date.

His name, Lucifer, comes from the idea that Lucifer was a trickster and a tempter as he enjoys playing tricks on others. While his initial choice was Loki, he decided that Lucifer sounded cooler.