about this coming project
It's here folks. I've alluded to this before, we had a false start back in January, but it's here. My end of year project, in which I'm going to explore comics as a genre, pop culture as social commentary, and make a short comic.

My concept: A modern take on 80's cyberpunk, exploring the changing landscape of London and how it affects the population. (And maybe robots.)

The next five weeks of this project will be the pre-production stage: reading, responding, experimenting, and planning. In this time, I'll make blog posts about my experiments, as well as weekly sketchbook videos! I'll talk more about scheduling in my first video, where I go through the detailed schedule I've laid out in my sketchbook.

Normally, I would not put detailed sketchbook videos on the $1 tier. However, given this is a new feature and I want people to see them, I will start the videos on the $1 tier for this project, and see where things go from there.

So, new project, new tags.

Experiments and minicomics are more or less interchangeable, but experiments will be more... experimental... and also include style tests (new tags will come at that stage as well)

Meta will be my tag for talking about comic theory and the like - I'm reading Understanding and Reinventing Comics for this project, and hopefully some Eisner too, so there should be a lot of that.

ual fp is my very boring WIP title for this project. The course is run by UAL, and its the Final Project. When I come up with a snappier title, I'll jam that on as well.

I'll still be continuing with regular TWAW-related updates, at least for now, but might ease off as my schedule heats up on this project. I'm really excited about this project, it's gonna be very different from TWAW in pacing and genre, but I'm coming at it with the same artistic values, and I'm sure I'll create something anyone who loves TWAW will love deeply.