About Those Q & A's
Doesn't etiquette extend to letting other people talk? #Stepaganza 2014. Well, I have to admit to you I've been holding out on you -- I made a recording of the session where the legends of the dance were supposed to answer questions of the attendees at #Stepaganza 2014. I've been contemplating writing this for a while and to be honest, up to this minute I still have reservations about saying a lot about the things which were said at this particular session -- as you know there are times I have a hard time when I know I need to say something. When I saw the short video clip on Facebook I knew I had to say something to "keep it 100." The recording is of the entire session and up to this point only three copies of it exist. I'm sure it will be downloaded and copied many times. I'm placing the player right after the jump and I won't comment until after you've played the audio because I don't want my opinions to shade your impressions of what was said or any other observations you may make. Set aside some time to listen to the audio (it's an hour long). (MORE)