About updates in May!
Okay, so, as some of you may be aware, I will be attending Anime Oasis (Boise, ID) at the end of May so as such, I’ll be doing a lot of prep for that all month May as well.

Aka, I’ll be needing to work on commissions as well as just general merch

stuff and con things before I go and then I will be away from the house

for a good week or so.

All this really means is that I might not be able to make some of my extra updates during May and will be missing updates entirely the last week or so of May.

I feel pretty darn guilty about this decision but the way I see it is that

some of this other stuff just needs to come first for financial and

mental reasons– which I feel are both very valid reasons.

Mostly I just feel bad cuz we just got the double-updates milestone back– which I

appreciate so much! This just happens to be how things lined up…

But, it’s just for a month. For sure I’ll have regular updates every week

besides the last week of May. And then in June I should have full double

updates regardless of doing a bunch of self-indulgent stuff for my

birthday heh.

Oh! And I’ll be doing an 18+ comic on my art blog for all my 18+ readers to enjoy involving Alkaline and Zeggy right before graduation and it should be a ton of fun– so there’s that too!

Anyways, I’ve totally run away with this post and am rambling– I just wanted to

let you all know this is happening so you’re not confused about the slightly less activity in May.

I'm gonna see if I can't organize some free merch stuff to send out to ya'll after the con as an apology!

Thank you all so so much for reading and supporting the comic! I’m hoping to get some new readers from the con as well– so let’s accept them with open arms, hehe!