April is the last month before Uranus ingress in Aries. Starting with 15th of May Uranus will start the adventure into Taurus sign, even it is not the last time when Uranus will feel the taste of Aries. Here you have retrograde periods:
Uranus in retrograde station in Taurus starting with 7 August 2018
Uranus in retrograde motion in Taurus starting with 9 August 2018
Uranus retrograde motion in Aries starting with 7 November 2018
Uranus in direct station in Aries starting with 6 January 2019
Uranus in direct motion in Aries starting with 8 January 2019
Uranus in direct motion in Taurus starting with 6 March 2019
During this retrograde cycle of Uranus, it’s good to stay open to surprises of any kind. Uranus can cause extreme situations and chaos, but it can also bring memorable moments! A state of restlessness and a desire for change you may feel during this period, so it is good to have moments of self-analysis and see where these states start, and you will find out what you need to evolve to a new level. It is good to write down any idea will go through the head, how strange or absurd it would seem. It’s best to keep a diary. The affected zodiac signs are: Aries, Taurus and Aquarius.
Even the astrologic context used to be different last time when Uranus was in Taurus was between June 1934 and May 1942. Do you remember what was happened? Sudden and extreme changes in finance, real estates and material values. Also, it was the period of New Deal implementation and the second world war had been started.