Absolutely amazing scenes
Been a while since I wrote one of these updates, but I thought I should. We've smashed through our meetup goals so London and Manchester, hold on to your hats, we're gonna have a party! We're sorting out venues and dates and stuff, but we'll have updates on that later this month. I'm going to start playing Football Manager on the internet tonight (Friday), and have already spoken to a couple of people I'm looking forward to getting on the show as guests, having hit that tier. 

And, while I hate to speak too soon, it doesn't look impossible that we'll hit our top goal, which would be absolutely incredible.  We had a few gremlins with our first roll out of bonus content, but Ed's worked tirelessly to sort that so HOPEFULLY that's working as intended right now.  If you've backed at $5+ you'll see posts in this feed detailing how to get that content, and if you have any trouble just ping me (Paul) a message here or on Twitter. 

It's been really emotional seeing people sign up and the level of support for the show. We won't be banging on about the Patreon every week in depth on the podcast like we did this week, we'll just mention it now and then.

But yeah, this has really been an incredible few days, hard to believe all of this has happened since Monday. 




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