Abstract Mountainscapes - Practice Paintings
A bit of an update on my creative stuff.  I've been working on an art present and these are some trials I did before I attempt (currently attempting as of posting) to paint a final product on a large canvas.  Haven't painted with actual paints in quite a while and admittedly I have never been that good at it.

These are all acrylic paintings done on A4 canvas paper.  The scan quality as always is kind of lame and some of the paintings came out lighter then they should have but you get the idea of what I'm doing.

To be perfectly honest with you though, I'm struggling not to look at what I've done and not hate it.  I'm still kind of down about failing my folio interview for my double degree application and I keep thinking about what I said and how I conducted myself and how much personal detail I revealed to total strangers.  I must have come across as an absolute idiot...sigh.

Hopefully time heals all wounds.  I might feel really bad now but I'm determined to get over it and just keep on practicing.  Can't do much else