Abstract poetry of daily life. Mobilography and more.
Hello! I'm Artem, photographer. Everyday I take photographs on my iPhone. I like to share images seen by myself, like to inspire by this images, like to make people being fun, impressed, talking - Ooh! The awesome Art!  Or getting just a little bit of smile in a grey and hard day that occurs in life of each one. I like to share my joy to you and give you a thin piece of happiness. Because my heart is overfilled.

Life is not only digital or spiritual, life is material. So, I need some funds to continue 'project of everyday fun sharing'.

My artworks you can see on Instagram: @artemkorenuk

Portfolio on Vogue.it


SaatchiArt: https://www.saatchiart.com/artemkorenuk

Except of everyday posts I guess you:

for each 5 USD -  be mentioned on my Twitter

for each 12 USD - get my art photograph 10x15 cm from my Instagram  (send directly to you by post service)

for each 25 USD - you can choose and get my artwork from special collection (will have printed 15x15 cm and sent directly to you)

for each 75 USD - get open edition print from one of art series. (C-Print 30x30, 30x45 cm)

for 350 USD - one of Limited edition photographs (Giclee print, signed, 40x40, 40x60 cm)

for 1000 USD - choose my Limited Edition artwork from collection  on Saatchi Art (connect me for size and delivering)