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An Acapella of "Weird Fishes", filmed in World of Warcraft
It's not often I hear a song that *really* affects me, but this is one of them.  It's been a decade since I first heard it, but I love it more now than much that this song came to mind first when thinking about music projects.  The structure of this song is like no other, and I love the way the guitars stack on each other with the bass and vocal melody (in the original, that is.  In this version it's ALL vocals).

With 25 vocal tracks and 10 percussion tracks, this song matches the huge stack I had going on in "One Winged Angel".  The more I experimented with this song, the more fun I had, so I just kept adding more vocals!

I envisioned the video being completely underwater, but I don't have the camera nor the capability to do any real underwater filming.  So I did the next best thing; diving underwater virtually in a video game.  World of Warcraft always had amazing underwater landscapes even in old expansions, so I went back to "Cataclysm" and spent a whole day rediscovering the ocean there & filming.  This marks the first acapella video on my channel without the classic multi-Smooth frames, but I think this beautiful song deserved its own visuals.

Let me know what you guys think of it.