The Acceptance of My Current Experience

We are living the dream whether we realise it or not. Where ever you are right at this very moment is where you need to be even if it doesn't seem clear to you what or where here is.

Okay, you may say but, but I don’t like it here.

Maybe the time has come where I suggest to you what is needed is ‘The Acceptance of My Current Experience’. Before you can move on in your journey several things need to happen yet the first is to take on an Attitude of Acceptance slow down and take notice of exactly where you are. 

Say to yourself am I miserable where I am or is it only that I’m hungry. Maybe if I eat something will that make a difference or is there something so greatly wrong with my circumstances that I need a complete change. 

Simply put don’t do anything rash it will always disappoint you. Don’t panic! 

I have seen many people move. Move from house to an apartment or move from the country to the city. Or from country to country on a whim! It will be so much better if I move over here. The grass is a different green! Yes – What are you are you saying?

So back to ‘The Acceptance of My Current Experience’. If you are feeling uncomfortable here is a suggestion for you. Try this instead of disrupting your whole life. 

Go to the beach for the weekend. Do nothing other than having a conversation with the ocean for the time you are there. Draw clouds! Watch people. Give your mind a rest. Let her go and play with the mermaids for a while. Do nothing except meditate. Then come back to your life. If nothing else you may feel a little relaxed. Then go about your business. Witness what is right, wrong or indifferent. Have a few serious conversations with people you can trust to see if what your mind is telling you is real.

Surprisingly the outcome of all this activity may be some very subtle changes are needed. Let’s go to the beach for the weekend more often and let’s do this and this to relax more. 

Always the best advice is – DON’T PANIC!

Let acceptance of ‘What is’ teach you what it is that will make your life experience exactly what you want and need at this moment.

Have an 'Acceptance of My Current Experience' soon and see your life become far more that your expectations all by itself without much effort from you.

Thank you for reading this post.

Wild Kazza

First seen here 24.5.17