Accountability report

Hey Patrons! Thank you so much for your continued support!! It's seriously a huge help to me and this project is growing in ways I never imagined it would.

In the beginning it was just a funny joke and an excuse to experiment with the Solarus game engine. Now this project is starting to become a real thing that people actually want to play. I'm putting a serious level of thought into the characters, story, and gameplay. I want this game to become something big.

Illustrations by Silent, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Progress report

The chart shows project activity over the last 9 months.

Each time something is added to the game or changed, I create one "commit" to reflect that action. The y-axis is "number of commits"; x is date. Therefore, this chart is a good indication of project activity. You can see (for example) that I was especially active during December.

You can always see the full list of commits at any time. Whenever a change is made, it shows up immediately. The project is open source, so anyone can view, copy, and share the code at any time. If I got hit by a bus, anyone in the world could finish the game without my permission. In addition, you could play the game right now (although it's very incomplete). I've chosen this because I love open source, but also out of respect for the backers who are generously contributing to the game. Open source essentially makes the game a 'property of the public'.

In the last 3 months alone (since the last update) I've made 198 commits. This makes up nearly 50% of the total project commits. In other words, I've done more work in these past 3 months alone than the whole first 6 months of development.

Game updates

This was the map 3 months ago:

This is the map today:

You can see it's a major improvement. The overworld is compact for now while I refine the story and areas I'm focused on. I am making fast progress, so hopefully there will be an opportunity to expand it even more.

The game features a new animated intro sequence [ [ WATCH HERE ] ] featuring music by cosmicgem829 and Adam Kol. This was really fun to make!

The game now features 1 mini-dungeon like Zelda, including block puzzles, floor tiles, switches, and bats. Unlike Zelda, you and the bats coexist peacefully.

Finally, many of the indoor areas have been dramatically improved (and I'm still working to improve them).

For accountability, I do have complete gameplay footage of the game up to last month. It contains spoilers and is very rough, but as a Patron it's your choice whether you want to watch it. (video)


I've partnered with TheArtOfSilent who created some awesome illustrations for the game!

These illustrations help bring VOADI to life. More pieces from him are on the way, so stay tuned. All his work for VOADI is open source, just like the game.

This art will be used for social media posts, ads, and in the game's instruction manual and box art.

Staying updated

The main place for project updates is the VOADI public chatroom. You are all invited, so please feel free to drop in!

Just a reminder that Patreon is not my forte. The chatroom is updated daily, whereas these Patreon posts are less frequent.

Thanks again to everyone for their generosity! It is really helping me get my feet off the ground.