Bam, finished image of the first Baton card.  So, the suit wands is pretty underrated.   Wands represents creativity and inspiration.  That's a big deal.  I think the name Wands contributes to the limp misunderstanding that tends to obscure the suit.  Creation is inherently destructive.   At the very least one manifestation of creativity destroys the potential for the manifestation of other forms.  The name Baton suggests a more sudden and brutal type of expression.

    The red textile is in all of the cards of the suit.  As the suit rises and falls the fabric changes form and texture.  Showing the stages of creative inspiration required something flexible and well, red.  Here the fabric is lush and restless.  Spilling over and shredding itself it lacks direction.  This is the first lightning strike of creation, the moment of inspiration.

    Like all the  finished images this is about 7x4 inches and done in ink markers.  Yes, just felt pens.  If you count sweat and tears then I guess it's multimedia.  

   Thanks for looking.  Ok, back to the art mines.