Achievement Unlocked: Light
Oh, how much do I love my light. ♥ My beautiful, clear, bright light. I haven't had proper light in my art studio since... well, ever. I've had lights before - various lamps, cheapo things, none of which provided the right light to paint in. I am fortunate to have gorgeous sunlight pouring in the windows all day, so much of the time I reserved evening for painting with blacklights. No big deal. The sun and moon determined my painting schedule. Kind of poetic, yes? But... I think maybe my desire for minimalism was hindering my art capacity. Also - my poor eyeballs. :o\ Now I have choice. Freedom! Opportunity! Seriously, it's really great. I think the amount of time I've spent painting in the last few weeks has doubled. And I've started doing really teeny tiny detail work that I've never done before because now I CAN SEE EVERYTHING! :D Thanks so much to all of you on Patreon for helping achieve my first Milestone Goal! You are personally responsible for allowing me to create more art. :) ::high five::
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