Achievement Unlocked! ($800 goal reached)

With the addition of our newest patron, Hunter Haddad, we've officially broken our first goal at $800! As promised, this means we're going to seriously ramp up the quality of the subreddit with the addition of graphics, flair, organization, etc., etc.. 

And then after that? We're going to promote it to our youtube community and walk away. This will be the platform for the fans, run by the fans. We're just going to spruce it up and make it a little more homey this one time.

As we're still working hard to bring you content, this will be a slow-roll release. We don't want to devote significant chunks of time to work on this, because the show has to come first. Expect bits and pieces of the reddit to improve over the next few months, and then an announcement when we feel it's "ready for use".

With your help, we're making Tale Foundry something incredible. It's a privilege to have all of you at our side.


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