September is always a hell of a month for me. I've been down for the
count with a debilitating cold all this week. Par for the course, I
guess. Still, the English pages of UC are being uploaded
 at a rate of two per day, but the new page in Russian is delayed as a
result - I can't even hold the stylo without my hand shaking all over
the place.
What else is there to say?
The Russian Comic Con is next week, and I intend to get better before that, else it'll be a very miserable experience for me.
But anyway, there are a lot of interesting things happening.
First of all, the new "Demonslayer" trade paperback, "Victims of Circumstances", drawn by Phobs and Orphen Sirius, scripted by yours truly, will be out by then, along with a new issue drawn by Kay.  Oh, and some nifty stickers.
All in all, Bubble Comics has about 14 books lined up for the event.
Plus you can buy the first and second volume of "Skunk and Ocelot" right from the hands of its authors - me and Bogdan will be there all the time.  He'll also be selling his book "Yakutiya", so be on the lookout for that, as well as his co-author's Jeka's "Cats and Mice" volume 2.  

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