Acoustic Sneak Peek of Lonely!
Thank you for another month of heart-felt support! I truly have a profound love for you all.

As you know, the recording of 'Home' is moving along, and I'm excited to have you hear all the songs, in their full glory! Glimpses will continue to happen until the day of release.

All patrons will receive a digital download a week before it's officially available to everyone else!

It was also so wonderful to be recording with my guitar, Blondie! Everyone of you helped to get it repaired. Thank you, thank you. :)

I'd like to share more about the album and the song writing process, and the over-all theme of a lot of the songs on HOME. Let me know your thoughts, and further questions. I'd like to have a more organic engagement with you all, so I truly encourage you to let your voice be heard. This is your tribe, as much as mine. :)

It's really difficult to get momentum going, and YOU can be a big part of the process by simply liking and sharing the videos and other content, on whatever Social Media you prefer, and sharing with friends you know personally. 

Peace Love Light :) <3