Acronym TV 9.26.15 - Bill Maher, Refugee Crisis and Avoiding Bar Fight [41]
Bill Maher, Refugee Crisis and Avoiding Bar Fights | Acronym TV [41]

In this episode:

1. Bill Maher told his Real Time with Bill

Maher audience recently that the homemade clock that got 14- year old

Ahmed Mohamed handcuffed and arrested from his school actually “looked

like a bomb” and because called for us to “have some perspective,”

asserting that “for the last 30 years it has been one culture that has

been blowing shit up” so Muslims should just get used to the rest of us

“taking extra precautions.”

2. “The ultimate cause of refugees,” according to Slavov Zijeck


is today’s global capitalism itself and its geopolitical games, and if

we do not transform it radically, immigrants from Greece and other

European countries will soon join African refugees. When I was young,

such an organized attempt to regulate commons was called Communism.

Maybe we should reinvent it. Maybe, this is, in the long term, our only


I don’t think that Communism should replace

capitalism when it crumbles, and yes - it is crumbling; the term

Communism has too much negative baggage. But the system we have now will

continue to deliver more and more Aylan’s until we can bring it down

and replace it. We have decades of geopolitical engineering by the

American Empire to overcome.

Is our collective imagination up to task?

3. A Man Walks into a Bar and encounters sexist pigs. What would you do?