Acting Lessons - Steam Release! 

In the last status update I mentioned that I wanted to share a special post with you guys. Well, this is it.

This is a very special post!

I just pressed the submit button on Steamworks to publish Acting Lessons on Steam.

It' unreal feeling...

I get to share my game with a brand new audience and it's all thanks to you!

To all current and former patrons, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Acting Lessons will be released on Steam in August. The price will be $9.99 with a 10% discount the first week.

I will of course update the Acting Lessons builds here on Patreon to the actual Steam builds. They include a few bug fixes (there was a small secret ending that couldn't be attained and, before you get your hopes up, it's not the ending I know a lot were hoping for) and some changed music (sadly due to copyright issues).

If you've already played Acting Lessons, don't expect any new content. This is just a way for me to truly leave a mark in the adult gaming world and to proudly finish the Acting Lessons chapter.


Dr PinkCake

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