Action Trash Day 6
Thanks to the payment I received for a recent project, plus the support from my lovely Patrons, I have 3 more pose books on the way (shipping from Japan so I’ll get them probably in April), plus two books on framed perspective for comics, and a brand spanking new graphics tablet. Not the super expensive Wacom Cintiq pro I was eyeing (and still have on my wishlist) but I’ll be trying out a medium Intuos Pro. I’ll share those goodies with you all when they show up. And seriously, thank you. Whether you’re pitching in 1$, $50, or just following and giving my posts little hearts, you people rock and I’m able to do what I do because of you. ❤️

From IG!

#actiontrash Day 6 from last night! I only had about 15-20 minutes before my bedtime so I decided to focus more on form and stuck with a single character pose. This mid-backflip turned out pretty nice and I’m rather pleased with those feet.