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$1 per song makes you an Official Patron.  Just knowing that you're here and listening is enough to inspire me to work harder to create more and better music. As a Dplex insider you will get:

  • exclusive access to my SCANDALOUS patron-only activity feed. Learn the shocking secrets behind my synthpop. Also: New Orleans weather updates! Recipes!
$3 or more per Song 2 patrons
$3 per song makes you a Patron-Plus (I'm making up these ranks on the fly, just go with it). I'm humbled by your support and will do all that I can to reward your faith in me. For your patronage you will get:

  • access to my SCANDALOUS patron-only feed.
  • FORBIDDEN pre-release MP3 downloads. Download each and every song you're generously helping me to create, weeks (or even months) before they're released to the general public. Enjoy the wanton feeling of listening to verboten audio!
$5 or more per Song 2 patrons
$5 per song makes you a Super-Patron. I feel the awesome weight of responsibility to please you via synthpop. But sometimes synthpop is not enough, which is why you will also get:

  • all the LUXURIOUS lower-tier rewards. Includes the patron-only feed and the MP3 downloads.
  • VIP access to my all-nude monthly video diary (disclaimer: there will be no actual nudity, shame on you). Once a month I will do my best to be entertaining on video, for big-spender eyeballs only. Length and format will vary, but I will always give the videos serious effort. Maybe not 110% though.
  • FREE download of Stumble, my greatest album. Also my only album.
$15 or more per Song 0 patrons
$15 per song makes you a Mega-Patron. You are the engine that makes my clockwork heart go tick tock. What can I do to show you my vast, world-consuming gratitude? How about if I give you:

  • all the STUNNING lower-tier rewards. Includes the patron-only feed, the MP3 downloads, video diary access, and the album download.
  • the DELUXE social media stalker package. I will follow you on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram, because in all honesty you're the best and I love you and what are you wearing right now? Oh that's right, I know exactly what you're wearing because I'm legit following you on Instagram!
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