An Actual Review of Night in the Woods & Life is Strange

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Thanks for the cash, nerd
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Patreon Backer Role for Discord
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This'll give you the Patreon Backer role on the Shammy fan Discord server, which'll give you access to some VIP text chat shit and access to VIP voice channels. It's nothing fancy but that's kinda the idea.

NOTE: This does not give you immunity to the server rules, if you break them repeatedly you will still be banned.

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At this tier you're officially a big guy, so congrats on your size br0. Anyways, this tier gives you access to the Patreon Backer role as well as access to my scripts, notes, and anything else that I create while making my videos.
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Literally the same as Big Guy, but you can brag about your increased size.
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Okay now you're just showing off.
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One of the biggest guys I've ever known to be honest
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Fine, I guess you just hate money.
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Sorry champ, not happening.
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