AD70 is the best-selling end times book!
Wow. That's what you call a good start. It won't last long so I had to grab this screenshot to share with you. My thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

The other day I saw an apocalyptic end times video which featured cities being destroyed by meteors and tsunamis followed by an exhortation to repent. It is because of fear-mongering rubbish like this that I wrote this book. 

Our heavenly Father does not woo us with terror; he draws us with love. He is a redemptive God. That means the dominant feature of the future is redemption - it's good!

Please tell your friends about the new book, especially those who have been terrorized by bad end times preaching. Here's a link and a status update you can share:

Paul Ellis' new book AD70 and the End of the World comes out today. Good news for those sick of bad end times preaching: 

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