Adamite 2018
 The first gemsona I ever drew, redrawn! Adamite is Pearl and Peridot's fusion. She's awkward, but lovable.

The youtuber DrawingWiffWaffles does yearly improvement videos where she draws Rapunzel from Tangled every year to see how her art has improved. I thought I would give it a shot with my OC Adamite, since I lover her design so much. I was gonna change her colorscheme since it's so bright and saturated, but then I looked at it and thought "...nah, I like it like this". So... there you go. I also never mentioned this before, but her design was originally inspired by a drawing of Pearl and Peridot's fusion dance from Geezmarty, couldn't find the original drawing, though.

-Previous Drawings-

Adamite 2016

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