Added new games from Calliope Games
I've been pretty quiet on my front but we've been working back here.

We just recently added Calliope's entire catalog to our store(minus Tsuro of the Sea which they can't seem to even keep in stock yet). I'm sorry that I haven't been following up on the voted games as much as I would like but when a game company you really respect says they will send you all their games to make accessible I take those games and say thank you. 

I'm open to suggestions via e-mail for games instead of the poll for this month. My e-mail is [email protected]. Some that I have that I could do that I recently purchased are Tokaido , Friday, and Labyrinth but I am open to ideas.


I also created a new coupon code for those of you at the 5$ and above level which I will put in a different post.

Thank you so much for your support.