Adding more value to your rewards...
Hi Everyone

As I said at the beginning of my Patreon journey, as my Patreon grows I wanted to give more to you in the way of rewards. This morning I have amended my $10 tier to include the following:

As a thank you for being my Patreon at this level you will also receive a discount code for my online shop: The discount amount is 20% and you can use on every order you place for the duration of your Patronage. At the beginning of every month I will post on Patreon the coupon code for the month coming.

Obviously you can do the maths but if you are on a $5 tier and fancy ordering from my shop it might be worth you upgrading to the $10...just saying lol!

Current conversion values: $5 = £3.81 and $10 = £7.61

Thank you as always for all your support and your belief in me, it truly does mean so much to me and of course my family.

Much Love
Anna xxx