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This is Christmas rather than Advent -- but as it is being premiered on Wednesday it seems fair enough to post it today! I actually wrote it with a later performance, at the National Portrait Gallery, in mind.

It's called "Addington" because that's where I was when I wrote the tune. I was in a shape-note sort of mood that day and so the harmonies are rather reminiscent of that tradition, though I haven't actually put the shaped noteheads in. As usual it's CC by-SA and you are very welcome to print it, photocopy it, filk it, use it for paper airplanes that you film and put on YouTube, or even sing it.

This is SAB with an additional descant in the chorus, but really the Alto line is almost a higher tenor line in the verses; and the whole thing would work with just Tenor (at pitch or an octave higher) and Bass, if needs must. The flexibility of the shape-note style is one reason I chose a lot of it for the Song Cycle bicycle pilgrimage in 2014: I wasn't sure how many people I'd have at any given time.

As this one is only two sides of A4, I'll print it out on card and send it off to patrons who are at the "send me hard copies" level. I've found a printer in London who isn't as local as I'd like but can print longer works for me and post them to me, so I'm going to try that with 'A Song of Easter' and see how I like the quality. The very local place wanted £18 per copy, which is more than I can afford.

If you're waiting for a postcard: I did in fact write one today, and recorded it, and then left the recording device at church.