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I've been frustrated of late by my failure to get anything written outside of my weekly blog posts and my slow chipping away at other projects. So I'd like to make an incentive for myself to occasionally write other things, whether they be one-off essays, stories, or experiments.

Accordingly, I've decided that I'll take advantage of this Patreon's idiosyncratic status as a per-creation Patreon (dating back to its original status as "weekly reviews of Series 8") and allow myself to do more than just the weekly blog post in a given month. If I make additional posts, I promise the following:

1) They will be substantive—I'm not going to define that strictly in terms of word count because I want to leave myself freedom to do odd things, but anything I post will have at least as much substance as a weekly blog post.

2) They will (with one category of exception, see below) be Patreon exclusive pending finding a paying venue for them. That might mean they become (or are designed to be) parts of books, or it might mean shopping them to other venues, but they aren't just going to go up on the Eruditorum Press site.

The exception is Last War in Albion chapters, which will go on the site. I won't post anything less than a full chapter here, though, unless LWIA is serving as the weekly blog post.

If you need to edit your pledge to cap the number of times you can be charged in a month, please feel free. Just please remember that five is the lowest number that will reliably cover all the weekly Monday entries. You absolutely can go below five if you need to, and I now some of you already do, but it's a good baseline. But no matter where you cap your pledges you'll still get anything extra that I write in a month along with all of the weekly posts.

Thanks again for all of your support, and see you in a week or so with The Ghost Monument.

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