Adjustments forthcoming!
So now that I'm getting a little deeper into Issue 9 with my current run of 100 days - I'll be showing off the inked pages and their evolutions here on my Patreon. I'm going to adjust the higher tier and setup a Dropbox with my back catalogue of books so when I start doing that - people can get caught up easily. The inks won't be available to the $1 tier because I worry about people coming in and being lost. Now that I'm doing some of the best work to date, I hate that I don't have a good place to share. I'm still a month away from being able to publish Issue 9 so it'll help to have those along for the ride (moreso than just the daily checkins) and helping me stay on track. I think the panels I've shared to this point don't spoil anything so for the most part I'll be showing off those same panels, just inked for the rest of social media. <br><br>As for tiers structure - I'm thinking the $1 level still gets you the monthly sketchbook video AND now a sketchbook PDF of the monthly sketches. Also easily access to videos if I make extra ones, but I don't foresee that happening during my current 100 day run because the daily work and the podcast stuff is a lot to undertake. (Also looking to do a writeup of what is going on weekly, but this will be public.)<br><br>There will be a new $3 level and that will be the inks for Issue 9 along with previous rewards. At the $5 I will make my back catalogue available and that will include monthly sketchbooks alongside all the individual issues and the trade and 2017 sketchbook. I think I'll open a $10 tier for monthly sketch/note as well if you'd like a sketchcard mailed to you. I think I'll be able to keep this relatively easy to mail them out as long as I have a couple at that level. Will also make those sketches public (unless the patron would rather me not) and these will most likely be scanned and used for a sketchbook I put together for this year too. <br><br>I got to the end of Issue 9 and realized how far I've come over the past four years when I made the sketch for "The Sky is Falling" and was excited to see how far I go beyond all that too. What do you thinknon the new levels? Is there something else I could do to make the higher tiers more exciting and worth it?