Here's the progress on Zozo. I had to make some adjustments to his hood. His pointy hat will come later in the story.  I really didn't like the pointy hood. This is his desert gear. Clerics, knights, and paladins all wear light sand colored clothing. Knights have red and silver trim, paladins have blue and silver trim, and clerics have blue and gold.  I really want Zozo to start out with a warm neutral color palette, with just that little pop of blue. Later his colors will be a bit more vibrant and mismatched as his personality becomes known.

Also, I noticed a huge gap in my milestone goal and I really like a lot of smaller do-able goals so I am going to add another between $250 and $750 (see, huge gap).  I have decided to give you all a chance to get an artwork, but wasn't sure which of the following you might like:

1 chance to win a full-color single character artwork,
2 chances to win a 2 characters inked,
3 chances to win a single character full-body sketch, or
4 chances to win a single character bust sketch.

This would be be your choice of character(s) and open to any level patron.  It would also be a one time only bonus upon reaching the milestone.  As it is a one time thing I could mail the artwork to whoever is chosen at random.  :)

So far, 3 are interested in the 4 chances, 1 likes the 3 chances, and another 1 likes the 2 chances. Which would you choose?