Admin Note - The Community
Greetings crypto enthusiasts.

I'm finally back in the loop, at home in the Sierras after a 10-day trip that included a drive to San Diego, then flying out to Orlando for a speaking engagement (on crypto, and it'll eventually be on YouTube), back to San Diego and the 8-hour drive home. I was beat and spent a good portion of yesterday catching up on needed sleep. Now fully ready to dive back in here full force.

Something I wanted to call to everyone's attention. Some of you have been using the messaging system within to message me privately about this or that, which is fine and dandy. However, might I suggest an alternative?

So long as what you have to pass along to me isn't of a truly private nature, how about consider posting it on the Community Board? Actually, that's YOUR place to post. I don't even have the option to post there, only to comment on posts by others. I also have no editing rights, only the option to delete an inappropriate post (which I can't even imagine—everything has been top-notch). So, think of it as the opposite of what I do. The Posts area is for me to post and for you to comment on. The Community area is for you to post and for me and others to comment on.

Some suggestions of things to post there.

  • Trading questions
  • Altcoin ideas and analysis
  • Noteworthy news articles
  • Interesting experiences and lessons learned, knowledge gained, etc.
  • Cool tools (exchanges, software wallets, hardware wallets, etc.)
  • Tutorials

One other thing. Note that you have the option to make your posts public or for Patrons only. Generally, I would prefer that you do the latter in most instances, especially if you are passing along knowledge. You're paying for this service and so you should protect that investment.

Yes, more Patrons benefits me financially, but note that there are a significant number of experienced crypto investors and traders who are Patrons here, and the more of those who sign up and are willing to share their knowledge, the more everyone benefits. I have no doubt that tips from other Patrons is going to make us all lots of money from time to time.

So, please protect the integrity of the membership everyone is paying for, enjoying an ad-free, pop-up-free, upsell-free, "premium"-content-free, and troll-free zone (wonderful, isn't it?).

...One exception where a public post might be called for is a testimonial, like "Wow, Dave Seng, that heads up the other day really paid off for me. I'm up 300% on my stake." Or, "man, I'd forgotten how amazingly nice it is not to be constantly bombarded by ads and offers." Or, "wow, no darn trolls... I guess you really do get what you pay for, and trolls never pay to troll."

You get the idea.

Alright, next up will be a post on what I learned in Orlando talking with other crypto traders and investors.

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