ADoF audiobook chapter 4 'Alpha' notes
It's notes time! As ever, these are grabbed exclusively for patrons from the pages of the A Day of Faces ebooks. Enjoy!


This was all about racing to catch up with the publishing schedule, while assaulted on all sides by unavoidable crap things.

So on top of a hectic work schedule, I had a blocked sinus/cold thing which developed into a full-blown migraine, a child with chicken pox, an eye inflammation…you get the idea. Nothing too awful, but lots of things which add up to not really being in quite the right state of mind for writing.

None of this would have mattered if I’d kept up with the 2-3 chapter buffer that I started with. You know, the one that I then let immediately erode, such that I’m now writing each week to publish the week after. Not ideal. Hopefully I’ll be able to speed up and build up that buffer again soon.[Thus far, this hasn’t happened. In fact, it went the other way - I now write a chapter on the same day it is published.] This is the first time I’ve tried serialised releases, and publishing a story before I’ve finished writing the whole thing.

It’s kinda nerve-wracking.

Anyway - Alpha is a big one as it connects Kay with another very important character, and starts to bring in what will become the main plot.

Mostly, though, it’s about Kay and her house and parents. It’s about finding out where she comes from, which will go on to inform her actions down the line. Before things really kick off, it’s important to know who she is when things aren’t kicking off.

The cemetery out the back of the house was originally the car park of a supermarket. I went back and forth on that one for a while (they’re more-or-less the same thing, right?), but eventually went for the more gothic option. Not least because my own house has a cemetery right out the back and, you know - write what you know.

Still enjoying dropping in little snippets of information about the different genotypes in this universe. The fun is in presenting it as being utterly normal. It’s that nonchalance which is hopefully making it entertaining and amusing to read.

Soundtrack: I listened to Star 6 & 7 8 9 by The Orb while writing this. Ambient electronica is good for writing.


1. When I wrote this chapter, this was intended to be the last time we’d see Marv. He was only ever meant to be a minor scene-setting character - but I kinda liked him, so he stuck around.

2. Figuring out whether to spell it ‘arsehole’ or ‘asshole’ took longer than you might think. The cultural mash-up that is the world of Locque makes decisions like that oddly critical. The same question came up while recording the audiobook.

3. My house is actually somewhat like this, with a cemetary out the back. It freaks out a lot of people. I rather like it.

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