Adopt a Dolphin?
Hey guess what? We have a NEW goal! 

As some of you might know, dolphins have been an obsession in my life for pretty much as long as I can remember. I think the reason I've always loved them so much is because they reflect so much freedom, joy, and peace. 

If we get to $300 per video (which we are only $52 away from) together we can adopt a dolphin into our little family! How you ask? Is that even a thing? YES that's a thing :) When I was 17 I got the opportunity to go to a dolphin camp in the Florida keys at this magical place called 'The Dolphin Research Center'. They have this program where us dolphin lovers get to pick one of their dolphins to sponsor, helping them supply the best home and care humanly possibly. 

Don't worry! We're still rescuing kids from poverty through Compassion International at every $250 milestone crossed, I just thought it'd be fun to add another goal for the dolphins as well :)

Okay guys, let's do this! I need your help spreading the word for what we're doing here! I can't do this without you :)

Love you all! I'm planning a live stream soon! Have a great weekend :)