Adopt stuff in rewards?
Next candidate to be removed is adopt sneak peaks and discounts.. I can easily explain why,  I've been thinking about it for a while now.

- Mostly none of you current patrons are interested in adopts (that's totally alright tho! <3)

- Adopt sneak peek and discount reward tiers aren't taken currently

- I don't post as much adopts as I used to when I launched Patreon, so these monthly discounts are pretty useless if there's no more than 1-2 adopts every month

- If I do post adopts, I repeatedly forget to do it several days in advance as it's promised in the rewards. Still can't get myself used to it. >A<

So.. I just wanted to warn everyone and possibly talk about it in case if someone still was interested in these rewards, especially discounts. If I proceed to removing the adopts from rewards overall, I'll keep posting their sneak peeks here regardlessly,  and the first-claim right will stay, but as a reward for every patron no matter what tier they pledge to.  Basically, just the discount will go.