Adoptable Character: Metallic Sweat Bee
Recently I had some interest in adoptable characters, particularly bees, on Twitter,  so here’s one I made between projects this week! It’s from a metallic  “sweat bee” species found in the US & Canada. She doesn’t have a  home yet as of this post! 

There's kind of a secret bonus to being a patron I haven't advertised as a perk because it doesn't come up that often. And that is discounts on certain art events - adoptables is one of them! If you're a patron here of any level and would like to claim this bee,  you get $5 off the listed price, which is $45. That's more than a 10% discount. Just another little way of saying thanks! 🐝

More info on adopting & rules here. You can also comment on this post. If you're not really into the adoptable scene, that's fine too! You can just enjoy the shiny bee character design. I hope to do a few more depending on how this goes, including some traditional fuzzy/fluffy bees! It's fun. :D

(I'll be including a high res copy of this art in the next sketch pack for your closer examination, though useage rights of the character will belong to whoever buys it.)