Adpocalypse/Thank You (More Than Ever)
Short version: I have ALWAYS been deeply grateful for the kindness and support (both emotional and financial) of ALL of my patrons. However, recent issues with YouTube's ad revenue program have caused significant revenue drops for content creators, so your financial support makes more of an impact in my life than ever. THANK YOU.

Slightly longer version: Some of you may have heard about the recent Wall Street Journal articles that resulted in a YouTube "Adpocalypse". If you don't know about it and don't want to stress over it, that's fine! I understand. <3 However, for those of you who are curious: a WSJ article revealed that a few videos with troubling content were earning ad revenue on YouTube and, as a result, a number of major advertisers pulled their ads from YouTube. Content creators everywhere are affected. I, for example, saw an 18% increase in views but a 44% decrease in revenue during the past 28 day period (compared to the month of February). No one really knows when or if this ad revenue drought will ease up.

SO ... thank you. Y'all have always been a big, wonderful part of what makes my channel happen. But right now, more than ever, I want to express gratitude on behalf of myself and my family.



P.S. I'll be spending the next few days cranking out the perks that haven't been fulfilled yet for the month. Post cards and video greetings will be sent out soon. :)