Adrian Smith Guest Artist Wrap Up
I really enjoyed painting these minis. It was a different experience to painting the Gipi box, but I got just as much out of it. The trick with painting these four minis was to ground them in gritty and realistic tones, while emphasizing the 'Fantasy' elements just enough to keep them from looking too drab and uninteresting.

Again, the Fairy Flesh set and the Malefic Flesh set worked wonders for me, helping me to really make the skin tones not only smooth and consistent, but also looking the way I wanted them to: pink and soft for the female assassin character to contrast the deadly armament, or pale and cold for the three male characters.

Even knowing that I wanted the males to have very stark and pale skin tones, I wanted to emphasize that they were each different, so I gave them slightly different colors for the shades and highlights. This gave each one an interesting skin color in the finished result that I was very pleased with. I cannot talk enough good about the flesh sets from Vallejo. The colors you get are appropriate for just about ANY miniature (although rotting, undead skin tones might need a different set of colors).

I liked experimenting with the different armor and fur colors as well. What a great time to be a hobbyist: when an artist can create a character and have it be rendered into miniature form in such a realistic way. I hope I get to paint more of these Zombicide: Black Plague or even regular Zombicide minis soon!


+Lots of surface area and musculature on the skin to practice painting shades and highlights.
+Great detail on the minis (coins, chainmail, straps, etc.) to practice keeping your hand steady!
+Loved painting these bulky warriors that actually look like they're geared up and ready for dungeon diving!


-Again, the mold lines were a little tricky to clean, as they went right over numerous surface areas and couldn't be easily shaved down.
-Not as varied in their armament or stature as the Gipi boxed set.