So it took me a few days to get around to it after we reached our $300 Milestone goal, but the Modest Medusa site is now ad free. Kind of. Specifically, the Project Wonderful ads that ran along the right side of the site are now gone, and won't be coming back. On the left side of the site you'll still see links to my store, as well as the "affiliates" links, which is my other projects and stuff my friend's are doing that I like. That stuff will be sticking around. I'm not sure what will take the place of the ads. I may leave the space blank, or I may just put an illustration there. I was thinking about using the space to promote projects that I support. Stuff like Kickstarters that I think are cool, friend's projects, comics that I like and other stuff. But... that's kind of like having ads (even if they aren't paid for), so I'm not so sure about that. What do you guys think? How should the space be used? - Jake