Hello friends!  

I hope your weekend is going great. Just writing to let you know what your Patreon has done for us this month so far. I know I normally post a video but I've been under the weather recently and don't want to post a YouTube video of me looking pale and sickly.  I promise you will get another update video soon, but lemme pretty up a bit first.  OK. On to the updates: 

Do you hate website ads?

I know I hate them. I run adBlock on my chrome browser almost all the time. I just find it makes browsing the internet better. The only websites I don't run ads on are YouTube so that I can support my fave streamers and Nardio so that I know everything is working properly. Well thanks to your generosity I am able to remove the ads from Nardio.  In the three months of doing Patreon I've made more money than the past three years of websites on Nardio.  Crazy right?

I've decided to use that sweet sweet banner space to help promote things on Nardio that we like. More sections for new things to write about. Fave authors. Fave games. Fave products. Fave cat pictures. You know important stuff. Once again thank you for helping to make this happen. 

This month Jasmine is going to be at katsucon and MAGFest so look forward to interesting posts about both.  We also have some more NYC indie game dev events happening.  I am trying to pin down a few more interviews as well.  I'll keep you all updated.

Thanks again and have a great weekend!



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